Today, too many of our friends and family are living on the streets in our community, often, in the most inhumane of living circumstances. We simply cannot tolerate this any longer. We cannot leave people to suffer, and all too often, die in these conditions. We cannot continue on with the status quo. We have been attempting to solve this plaguing issue for far too long without success. It is time to rethink how we approach this complex problem.

Individuals who have been on our streets for a long period of time have often experienced severe trauma. We must provide the assistance that they so desperately need and trauma-informed care. For the unhoused and housing insecure in our community, housing is just one part of a complex problem that requires a collaborative approach. Stability must be created if we are to expect improvement, which can be provided by temporary shelter and adequate supportive services.

Access to adequate services and full support is necessary in order to provide a suitable environment that will lead to healing and an eventual introduction to supported, permanent housing.

If we are to find success, leadership in our County must unify and work together with our cities in a coordinated effort to significantly decrease homelessness along with the suffering that it brings to our community. Division prevents any major improvement. It will take open, honest dialogue to begin between our elected officials, service providers, law enforcement and community members. I have strong relationships with elected officials, staff and strong ties to our neighborhoods throughout Vancouver. I will bring the skills necessary to work as a uniter for positive change and begin healing our community. Your vote will allow me to work for you, and together we can move Clark County into a positive future.
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Building Towards Affordable Housing

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Saturday, 13 July 2024