Glen Yung and FamilyGlen Yung and his wife Xuan have made Vancouver their home for over twenty years. Clark County welcomed their growing family by providing safe and affordable neighborhoods and economic opportunity. The diversity and opportunity allowed Glen and Xuan to start a small remodeling business and as their business grew, so did their family and friends. In addition to fostering numerous children including one which they adopted, today they have five children between the ages of 5 and 17. Within the active and diverse Yung household, four languages are spoken.

Glen is an active community volunteer and recognizes that the opportunities afforded to him should be available to our next generation. Through his work in business and civic volunteerism he hopes to ensure the preservation of the best of our past opportunities while meeting the necessary challenge of moving us into the future. Glen sits on many professional and non-profit boards and is a strong advocate for positive change. Homelessness and housing insecurity and the devastating impacts it brings to families and our community are on the top of Glen’s list of important issues to address.

Cooking weekly for the unsheltered has shown the Yung family the urgency of this complex issue. The complexity of the issue involves closing the gaps that exist in available mental health care and addiction treatment, and compassionate community policing. A balanced approach and strong leadership can address the complex problems we face.

Housing can be made affordable again, we can have safe neighborhoods, and Glen will work hard to make a difference in Clark County. Glen will work to include all voices, and together we can secure prosperity for Clark County and our future generations. Please consider supporting and voting for Glen.